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MagWheels camera mount

  • MagWheels camera mount
  • MagWheels camera mount
MagWheels camera mount MagWheels camera mount

The MagWheels camera mount is a rubber covered magnetic mount for all action cameras. It contains 6 very powerful rare earth magnets, which will stick like glue to any metallic surfaces and will not damage the paint underneath, thanks to the specially formulated rubber cover. The MagWheels are immune to magnetic fields, so are safe to use with cameras and will not erase the contents of your memory card! Pick one of 3 wheels configurations: Standard, GoPro or RAM Mount.

You can use it anywhere there is metal, this mount is so strong it requires about 55 lbs of pull force to remove the small version! The large version requires close to 95 lbs of pull force, and is recommended for heavier cameras or for applications where you will be adding a ball head or rotating arms, which adds leverage forces.

Tested intensively on race cars at high speeds, it is 100% safe to use even under the harshest conditions.

Mounts to Metallic Surfaces
Creates a Super Strong Bond
Will Never Go Flying Off
Rubber Coated & Anti-Scratch
Compatible w/ ALL Cameras

Shipping delay : 24-48h

29,99$ CAD